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While all of the services Docemo is able to deliver can be requested individually, most of our customers decide they are best served when they purchase our services as a part of a wider agreement. This led us to formulate several well-defined packages, each of them designed to be utilized by a specific type of business organization, thus combining wide spectrum of options for business owners with convenience characteristic for package deals. Not surprisingly, this mode of cooperation has become immensely popular with our clients, so we embraced it and tried to include as many smart packages as we possibly could.

Our customers can find a perfectly shaped offer for their needs regardless of their budgets, since Docemo delivers the entire range of online business solutions, from simple web presentations to complex interactive environments. Our approach puts the customer in the driving seat and allows total control of expenses, as well as flexible handling of technological features in line with realistic business needs. Depending on the structure of their business operations and their online presence strategy, clients can select one of the packages Docemo Design Solutions has prepared:


Tell the entire world all about your business operation at a reasonable price that won’t burden your daily functioning or slow down your pace of growth! With our Bronze package you can establish notable presence on the web even though you have little experience with online communications and even less time to learn how to prepare a web presentation. This is the most basic package of Docemoweb services, ideal for recently founded start-ups and small family enterprises, containing only the most essential elements that a website needs to operate, including:

  • 12 months domain registration (.com, .net or .org)
  • 2 static pages
  • 2 professional email accounts
  • 3 Original Images
  • Up to 1GB hosting
  • Account manager & Technical support
  • Enquiry Form
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It is critical for companies to balance the development of their corporate website with the organic growth of their business systems, since this is the only way to build a sustainable system. Emerging companies looking to expand their scope of business need a solid technological platform to support their plans and that’s why Docemo Silver package is created with exactly such a purpose in mind. Building upon our basic offer and allowing more textual contents and images to be included in the website architecture, the package also introduces several new types of service that can make a big difference for the end user. It is comprised of elements chosen to empower a company to grow aggressively, along the lines of:

  • 12 months domain registration (.com, .net or .org)
  • 5 static pages/li>
  • 5 professional e-mail accounts
  • 5 original images
  • Up to 1GB hosting
  • Account manager & Technical support
  • Link Submission (Google)
  • Enquiry Form
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It goes without saying that some websites are more demanding and more complex than others, with scope of business operations as the deciding factor that determines how extensive the website should be and what type of additional support it should receive. Designed for business owners who understand that money spent on internet promotion is sure to come back with a hefty interest, our Gold package of web services is a toolbox for ambitious, energetic enterprises looking for a way to get their name around and score new leads quickly. Within the comprehensive agreement covering all the aspects of advanced online promotion strategy, our customers are set to receive:

  • 12 months domain registration (.com, .net or .org)
  • Basic CMS - That helps your website to get updated in few seconds
  • 7 static pages
  • 7 professional email accounts
  • 7 original images
  • Up to 1GB hosting
  • Animated header designed in Flash
  • Link submission (MSN, Yahoo)
  • Account manager & Technical support
  • Enquiry Form
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A professional-looking and smooth-running corporate website can be a strong argument for your company in the eyes of potential partners and customers, more than justifying the investment made to organize the site according to best industry practices. For this reason, clients that value reliable service and abundance of options over financial concerns are well advised to consider the Platinum package, one of the most extensive standard deals offered by Docemo Design Solutions. This mode of cooperation was optimized to satisfy even the most demanding clients and to deliver enhanced functionalities, bringing the following components to the table:

  • 12 months domain registration (.com, .net or .org)
  • Advanced Content Management System (CMS) for simple content updates
  • 10 static pages
  • 10 professional e-mail accounts
  • 10 original images
  • Up to 1GB hosting (12 months)
  • Animated header designed in Flash
  • Link submission (Google, MSN, Yahoo)
  • Account manager & Technical support
  • Enquiry form
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While there is no doubt whether internet is a great place to connect with your customers, why not go another step further and actually complete the sale online? That’s what Docemo’s e-commerce package can empower you to do, taking care of security issues and technical requirements in a convincing fashion so that you can concentrate on building up your sales volume! Instant access to millions of potential customers and the possibility to close the deal within a few seconds are huge advantages in the modern marketplace, making this package an excellent value for each retail-oriented company searching for a way to extend its outreach beyond its home market.

Selling goods over the internet can sound complicated, but in reality there is little to worry about once our proven e-commerce solution is implemented and optimized for your particular situation. However, Docemo will stand by your side throughout the process and resolve any issues that might arise at no extra cost for the client, since our e-commerce package includes the following standard services:

  • Domain registration
  • Up to 1GB hosting
  • Personalized graphics
  • Multi-currency support
  • 15 professional e-mail accounts
  • Secure administration section
  • Website statistics
  • Content management/li>
  • Quick search and shopping cart features
  • Catalogues and featured product lists
  • Customization of product and customer categories
  • Complete history of orders and invoices
  • Maintenance of customers’ accounts
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Why settle for a serial product when you can have something unique? Docemo Design Solutions can deliver bespoke websites for clients aspiring to stand out in a crowd, putting in a maximum of effort to address specific issues and deliver a solution that will perform perfectly in practice. Customization is not limited to appearance, since we can implement a range of features and functionalities that enable website’s visitors to find what they are looking for with as few clicks as possible, streamlining your business operations and enabling real time interaction with your customers. When website’s architecture is developed just for you, security issues can be tackled much more effectively and high performance can be expected even under heavy traffic, making our bespoke package a perfect choice for companies in expansion or those intending to conduct a large portion of their business over the internet.

Docemo Design Solutions has a wealth of experience pertaining to many different industries, enabling us to deliver online solutions optimized for the specific challenges encountered in everyday practice. Based on years of solving practical problems for our clients, our engineers are qualified to create bespoke websites for companies in vastly different lines of business, including but not limited to:

  • Entertainment Websites
  • E-commerce Website
  • Corporate Websites
  • Information Technology Websites
  • Education Websites
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Health Websites
  • Games and Sports Website
  • Government Websites
  • Matrimonial Website
  • Dating and Matching Websites
  • Food And Dining Website
  • News and Media Websites
  • Online Auctioning Website
  • Bed & Breakfast Websites
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In the modern era of instant communications, it isn’t enough to be merely present on the internet, since only companies with a proactive attitude can take advantage of the increased opportunity for lead generation. Successful enterprises pop up near the top of the results page whenever one of their key products is searched inGoogle, but this is not by accident – it is rather the result of meticulous planning and execution done by specialized search engine optimization (SEO) specialists. Docemo Design Solutions possesses all the necessary expertise to cover this aspect of online promotion for you and ensure high visibility for your company at a fraction of a price you would have to spend to achieve the same effect through traditional media channels.

Our customers can count on complete service, covering both on-page SEO techniques that govern how the contents are created and positioned, and off-page SEO principles that ensure your web presentation is well-linked to relevant communication hubs and adjusted to Google’s ranking formulas. Within the SEO package, Docemo can provide a wide array of different services with a special emphasis on:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Manual Directory Submission Each Month
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Press Release Submission
  • Forum / Blog Postings
  • Monthly Ranking & Traffic Reports
  • Link Building
  • Google Analytics Installation
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Logo Design Package   £249
Flash Header Animation   £99
Flash Intro Page   £285
5 pages(Static)   £145
10 pages(Static)   £285
2 Dynamic Pages   £225
5 Dynamic Pages   £285
Extra Pages   £27
Normal CMS   £285
Advanced CMS   £425
Advanced CMS With Basic SEO   £399
Flash Advance CMS   £575
CAPTCHA   £285
Gallery Management System   £285
Google Checkout Integration   £499
Google Map   £69
Live Chat   £285
Paypal Express Checkout   £499
Paypal Pro Checkout   £499
Product Management System   £349
Logo Designing   £285
Business Card   £139
Envelope   £85
Letterhead   £85
Logo Re-Design   £285
Logo Repair   £139
Logo Vectorization   £69
Icon Design (.ico)   £39
Post Card   £140
Illustration   £149
Animation   £285
Brochures Design   £140
Ad Designing   £150
Professional Email Signature   £69
Stationery Pack   £285
Logo+Stationary   £425
Logo+Stationary+Post Card   £499
Basic SEO   £85
Business Directory Submission   £499
Google Analytics   £70
Google Link Submission   £199
Google Local Listing   £425
Google Yahoo & MSN Submission   £285